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In a dynamic business environment, it is so important to take a break from business as usual. To take time to get a different perspective on your vision, on how you want to get there, to align with the pulse of your organisation and how well people thrive to achieve results.

We help redefine, reinvent and push boundaries to bring about impactful change. And maybe you’ll be surprised by an “unexpected gift”.

Sonja Wekema & Daphne Laan

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About us

We bring a different perspective. Not only because we are women, but also because of our many years of experience. Daphne Laan as a changemaker and business leader, pioneer since 2000 in FMCG, the Telco & Technology sector & Social Impact. And Sonja Wekema in the IT, Energy and Public Sector as a facilitator of change, business & people focused leader, both as trusted advisors.

“It is in their DNA to empower people so that they can transform their organisations.”


Have a great day,
Sonja Wekema & Daphne Laan

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