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New rules of the game that dó help leaders in organisations.

16 October 2022

On 16 October, it is boss's day (m/f). Dear bosses, are you reading this?

Making Sense. An equation for inspired execution.

24 February 2022

By offering space to express how culture is experienced by people and to reimagine what good looks like, teams will be empowered to take inspired action.

Making Sense. The Olympic Spirit.

18 February 2022

In this version of Making Sense, we look at the Olympic Spirit. Success does not come by chance; it requires blood, sweat and tears. 

Making Sense. New perspectives in boardrooms.

9 February 2022

There is a great lack of diversity of perspectives in organisations. This is visible at tables where decisions are made, of which an important one is in the...

Making Sense. Intelligent Intuition.

2 February 2022

Intelligent intuition helps leaders create a safe space for knowledge and emotional exchange.

Making Sense. The art of listening.

26 January 2022

What happens underneath the waterline? When you listen to what is being or not being said, you might be surprised.

Making Sense. Like a Dragonfly.

18 January 2022

Making sense helps to re-imagine what good looks like and make things actionable.

Podcast Odd Owtcomes

21 December 2021

Owtcomes' Daiana interviews Sonja Wekema in the podcast Empathy & Leadership, about Purposeful Patience, Courage and Curiosity.

TBW nominated for Joke Smit prize

27 October 2021

The Board Whisperers are nominated for the Joke Smit endorsement prize. Vote now!

In the Optimist: “Building Bridges. Connecting Worlds”

2 September 2021

In the Dutch magazine "The Optimist", Daphne Laan wrote an article about the upcoming Peace Summit "Building Bridges. Connecting Worlds".

TEDx Sonja Wekema

16 July 2021

Sonja's TEDx talk "Reveal Your Hidden Treasures" is now available online. Watch it here.

We are… The Board Whisperers!

1 July 2021

We work with founders, executive teams and boards to zoom in and out, to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible to create new opportunities.

Daphne Laan Interviewed by Ebbinge

16 October 2020

"When you break the unwritten rules, doors will suddenly open."

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