Sounding Board

With new and different perspectives you stretch the boundaries of what is possible to create new opportunities. The Board Whisperers come up with a novel, refreshing and substantiated angle to add value. Walk away with a holistic view and a spark to get into purposeful action.
  • You can bring in the themes or the topics that need your attention
  • We help bring in new and different perspectives
  • You walk away with a holistic view and a flame to get into action with what’s really important
  • When desired we can translate the outcomes into concrete actions

We can take the following angles:

Embracing perspectives | Retrieving information and bringing it to the table, which is normally not discussed there, because unknown – Advantage: decisions are made by looking at more different perspectives (including empathy).

Sparring partners | Curious to hear a different perspectives on your business issue? The Board Whisperers always come up with an innovative, refreshing (and substantiated) angle and to add value. If you are open to doing things differently, but don’t know how.

Dare to play | Knowing that things must and can be done differently does not mean that it will happen. Let yourself be transported to a new way of working. And you can always stop.

Kickstart your international business | Quick access to a broad network in the tech and energy industry with top players and knowledge of the market. From the start it gets the bedrock for new leadership.

The Board Whisperers have a special, magic skill. A unique ability to ground, connect and challenge, in a kind way, even in difficult circumstances.

“As whisperers we do not have a direct stake in the ground, but we can listen and give good advice, objective & unbiased opinions. A reminder to stay grounded and cherish the importance of the world and people beyond work.”

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